walk the long road

but run if you can

long ago the seeds were sewn

this tiny fire we will fan

standing rock

will stand for you

it’s the only place to stand

if your heart is true

wherever you are

if you hear me

then stand up right now

because you are not free

it’s the red yellow

the black and the white

comin together

behold the sight

the only weapon

we have is our heart

joining together

the torn apart


bow to the rain

kneel by the river

an ocean of prayer

to the world to deliver

the water will never ever forget

and you will remember

when your face gets wet

standing rock

standing true

stand for something

what will you do

stand for oil

or stand for life

stand in the fire

and drop the knife

stand with the gun

held to you head

stand up goddamn it

you’re already dead

water is life

oil is death

water your wife

water your breath


The lyrics to a song I’ve been working on to attempt to raise awareness about the tragedy (and the beauty despite how fucked the situation is there) that is unfolding right now at Standing Rock. The media has been embarrassingly quiet about the whole thing, and the amount of spin to make the pipeline company and law enforcement look good and the protestors look bad is unbelievable. We might as well be in the 1800’s for the level of injustice that is going on here, and the justification of it.