This is where it begins. These things I have been following, or more likely what has been following (or walking beside) me. Here there will be music: the playing, the teaching, the wondering, the wandering, the marriage of past and present, and the bringing into the light things hidden for a long time. Here there will be energy, the spinning of the chakras, and the work of bringing their fullness forward. Here there will be story, and she will sing to the sunrise and then disappear like the wily fox that she is. Songs will come up to the open gate of the corral, and run off only to find themselves peeking out of your shirt pocket. There will be talk of the gifts of the twin, the hidden dragon, that one that can make us great and destroy us, that we can bury and make ourselves so small (not that we aren’t always small even if beautiful in some way). This has been a long time coming, and like the remineralization of prayer, it has come about unlooked for somehow, as if an old building could disassemble itself, and the stones could silently make their way back to the ancient quarry site, and return to their original form, and once again there would be a mountain there, and we would remember who we are, and be strong, and not need names.